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What is the grade range at Parkway School?

Pre-K – (2 years old) – Grade 8

Are the students required to wear a uniform?

At Parkway School we do require students to wear uniforms. 

Uniforms may be purchase at Ideal Dept Store. The gym t-shirts, however, are purchased directly from our main office. Girls wear a plaid jumper, pink blouse, burgundy plaid tie, burgundy sweater and black/brown shoes. Boys wear a white shirt, gray pants, burgundy sweater, plaid tie and black/brown shoes.

What are your payment options?

You may pay in one installment but you can also pay in 2 equal installments, or according to our payment schedule.

Is the tuition refundable?

There are no refunds after August 1st, of any given year.

Do you accept checks/ credit cards?

No, unfortunately payments must be in Cash or Money Order.

Does Parkway accept vouchers?

Yes, several different vouchers accepted.

What are the Parkway School hours?

The building opens at 7:00AM and classes begin promptly at 8:20AM. School ends at 3:30PM, 1:30PM on Fridays

Does Parkway School offer an after-school program?

Yes, after-school is offered up to 6pm Monday-Friday.

What happens to my child if they are not picked up at dismissal?

They are placed in After-School at an additional cost.

Are students issued bus passes?

Yes, bus passes are issued based on the student, grade level and cap distance from the school.

Do you provide lunch?

Yes, based on the Federal School Lunch Program. Parents must complete a lunch application. The information you supply will determine if your child qualifies to participate in the lunch program.

Do you provide bus service?

Buses are not owned or operated by Parkway School. There are companies that provide the service to the school – Parents must make their own arrangements. 

Is Parkway a charter school?

No, Parkway School holds a Charter from New York State Education Department. It is a private, not-for-profit school.

Does Parkway receive money from the government?

No, Parkway School is a tuition driven organization.

Are donations made to Parkway School tax deductible?

Yes, donations are tax deductible.

Is there a code of conduct for students?

Absolutely, Refer to the School Handbook for details.

Do you offer tutoring?

Yes, Tutorial program is offered Monday through Thursday 3:15PM – 4:15PM at an additional cost.

Are students assigned to their grades only by their age?

No, Parkway promotes students based on their academic progress.

Are children allowed to have cell phones in school?

No, any child with a cell phone must drop it off in the office and retrieve it at dismissal.

Does the book fee cover the cost of the book?

The book fee is a rental fee and students are responsible for the cost of replacement, if their book is lost.

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