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Mission Statement

“Not for School, but for Life We Learn.”


Parkway School

Parkway School is dedicated to the belief that the desire to learn is one of the strongest of all human drives, and that the most important responsibility of educators is to nurture this drive in a constructive and meaningful way. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we must remain true to the motto of the school: “Not for School, but for Life We Learn.” We think that learning is an integral part of an individual’s life experience. While the importance of traditional learning cannot be denied, Parkway School successfully adapts the curriculum to suit the needs of the individual child. Through this process the children have come to the realization that learning and understanding are very different from merely memorizing facts and reiterating them. By encouraging children to try things for themselves, and to explore and draw conclusions without fear of failure, we provide opportunities through which children come to value themselves, other people, ideas, responsibilities, and hard work. We view children as active participants in their own learning process and encourage them to develop in their own way. While we strive for a diverse community of children and faculty, we expect children to appreciate the unique qualities and contributions of themselves and others. We view the classroom as a resource to be used by the children; a safe and well-planned environment in which constructive work and creative activities can take place. Parkway teachers carefully choose meaningful materials, which will provide the children with the appropriate tools to take on all the demands that life yields. At the core of our curriculum—which uniquely and successfully integrates the arts, academics, and ethics—is a belief in the fundamental importance of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, which motivates the students to constructively question the world around them and acquire answers.

As a result, after over 30 years of examination, trial, and practice, Parkway School is a place where:

Children are respected

Children are at the center of their own learning

Children are helped to recognize and accept strengths & weaknesses in themselves and others

Children learn the skills necessary to pursue their love of learning

Children become life-long learners