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History And Philosophy

Founded in 1982, by Dr. Linton A. Grant Parkway School is a private, not-for-profit institution that is dedicated to academic excellence.



Educating students in the grades Pre-Kindergarten through the eighth grade, Parkway continually strives to fulfill the responsibility of assisting students to gain the necessary skills to obtain and pursue a love of learning.

Accepting and fulfilling this responsibility is based on the belief that the desire to learn is one of the strongest of all human drives, and that the most important duty of our educators is to nurture this drive in a constructive and meaningful way. Thus Parkway’s motto was forged: “ Not for School, but for Life We Learn.”



Learning is the epicenter of activities at Parkway. Our students engage in a stimulating curriculum, which encourages intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

By giving our students the ability to critically and objectively analyze, we can be confident that they will seek to change what they conclude needs changing and to defend and strengthen that which is worth preserving. Additionally, academics and critical thinking skills are not the only lessons learned at Parkway. Parkway embodies a diverse community of children and faculty, therefore we teach students respect and an appreciation for the unique qualities and contributions of themselves and others. Finally, here at Parkway School students learn how to be at the center of their own learning, and this is achieved through a full partnership of parents, teachers, administrators, and students.